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Hello! We are the Martinez Brothers Fernando, Antonio, Ismael, and Jorge. We are the proud owners of Green View Landscape and Tree Service Inc. Growing up we spent countless hours helping our father expand his flower business; planting, irrigating, maintaining, and arranging bouquets for vendors. Our tight bond, unity, and strong work ethic led us to pursue our own family business and in 2008, Green View Landscape and Tree Service was born.

In our early days our mornings consisted of daily door-to-door customer interactions in order to establish our company’s reputation. While some days were filled with “No’s”, we remained persistent and dedicated. That dedication has paid off. We have had the privilege of meeting some great people along the way. From being the first response team to the 2nd tallest Pine tree fall in California (where luckily no one was injured) to helping realize one man’s dream of transforming his backyard into his dream wedding reception venue.

Our services include tree maintenance, irrigation, hardscape and landscape designs, including artificial turf installation, and emergency tree service removals. Our family of tree experts and landscape designers will become your partners and work with you in achieving your landscape goals while staying within your budget.

We take great pride in our work and continue to educate ourselves and our customers to help enhance your property landscapes and promote healthy tree growth. From botany to aerial rescue, our goal is to not only keep our customers happy but to ensure their safety as well as ours.

We thank you for considering us and look forward to working with you and help you realize that the grass can be greener on your side!

Green View Family